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The support Network for you!!

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What is an

Early Years Programming Mastermind??

A safe place for early childhood educators!!

A support network – just like having your own personal cheer squad – We focus on learning down to earth, definitely real, current ways of being an early childhood educator… Now wait…  NOT just b e i  n g an early childhood educator but thriving, loving, being fricken awesome!!


I’d love to connect with you!!

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So your looking for a unique, vibrant, network of Early Childhood Educators?

Simple, Caring, Support HERE…

Is EYPMastermind for me?

If you are an early childhood educator looking to connect with likeminded, positive, experienced educators

If you are looking for monthly live Q & A calls, monthly training, flexibility to find resources when you need them

If you need a safe community and awesome Mastermind group to support and cheer you on

Have you been wishing?
Nurture children

How long have you been wishing?

Truly wishing someone understood the struggles you are going through??

Wishing for the support and guidance to transform your journey into a fun, positive, awesome one that you can cherish and celebrate?

I am an ECE and ready to stop wishing!!

Many thanks for last night, we have received some very positive feedback this morning. The educators really enjoyed the “hands on experiences”.

Rebekah de Jongh

Child Development Officer, Queanbeyan City Council

I just want to thank Kath Lee Hausler for her fantastic EYPMastermind program. I have joined her website for programming help and resources. I have found this program so helpful and I have finally worked out how the programming works correctly. And I have just noticed there is more training coming soon Yay!!!!! Thanks Kath for assisting us with this fantastic learning opportunity xx

Tina Geiger

Early Childhood Educator, Little Learners Family Day Care

‘Kathy has a wealth of experience and knowledge in Early Childhood education. I have enjoyed learning from her when it comes to programming, setting up spaces and overall business advice for Family Day Care. I’m excited about her Mastermind program where she shares all she knows in a simple way. I really wish this was around when I started out! Thanks Kathy’

Nicky Leonti

Educator, The Lakes Family Day Care

Real support every month!!


Struggling to thrive as an early childhood educator?

Even though you are working your butt off?

Looking for help??

Welcome to the Early Years Programming Mastermind



For only 9.95 come and join us…


Find the support you need to feel confident and make your week easier…


Learn the tools you need, from experienced, qualified educators, to make being an early childhood educator a journey you will love!!

Being an early childhood educator does not have to be so hard!!

How long can you struggle alone without the support you need, deeply wishing for a little understanding?


Can’t keep up with the mountains of paperwork


Starting from scratch every week without the systems in place to make it all easy


Focused on cleaning instead of educating, interaction and connection with the children


Exhausted from trying to do everything yourself


Needing to chat – but to who?

Or You could do something about it


So how has Early Years Planning Mastermind come about?

I receive emails and Facebook messages all the time asking for help… As I worked through these same  questions, struggles and problems from educators I realised, these are the issues I use to struggle with!!

It takes time to learn all the seemingly little extra tips, tricks, systems and routines. But with a little extra help and guidance, being an early childhood educator can be the most amazing and fulfilling journey, I would not want to live any other way.

Let me help you find the spark, and support of this profession you have been looking for.

Frequently Ask Questions

How much does Early Years Programming Mastermind cost?

$9.95 for the first month and then $19 per month

Yes there is a super special offer if you would like to join us for the year 🙂

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you are able to cancel anytime

Is Early Years Programming Mastermind only programming help?

No, Early Years Programming Mastermind offers much, much more. A comprehensive, growing range of training videos, resources, templates and checklist which are right here when you need them. You are also welcome to attend monthly Live Question and Answer webinars and forum.

Are you qualified to teach this?

I am a passionate Early Childhood Educator with 20 years of experience.

Hold a Certificate 4 in Community Services and a Diploma of Children Services.

I currently hosts Shine as an educator and run Kathy’s Family Day Care. I conducts regular training with my Scheme to introduce new Educators to the industry, helping them with the struggles they encounter along the way. I have also worked as a Child Development Officer for Orange Family Day Care.

When does Early Years Programming Mastermind start?

Early Years Programming Mastermind is open for you to work through the program at your own pace, using the training videos, resources, templates and checklist when you need them. You are also welcome to attend monthly Live Question and Answer webinars and forum.

Where can I contact you?

For a quick response please send messages via Simple Reflects face book page or using the contact form below…

You are also welcome to send me an email

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